Brighticonic focuses on providing unique and affordable illuminating solutions which are meant to merge functionality with style, without compromising on your safety or comfort. We make it a rule from working only with premium grade materials and reliable suppliers, in order to live up to your rigorous expectations. 

We are inspired by great design and informed by the needs of everyday living. Our passion for quality craftsmanship and artfully decorated spaces has led to a compilation of outdoor solar lighting and home improvement products.

The Brighticonic solar powered outdoor lights are an excellent addition to any modern home, providing extra safety for your family as well as lowering energy costs and transforming your house into an eco-friendly, sustainable living space.

When it comes to style and durability there is nothing better than our anti fatigue mat made from high quality PVC leather material with PU foam and SBR rubber guaranteed not to lose support over time which makes this standing pad not just beautiful mat with eye-catching design but also incredibly effective and durable and perfect choice for ceramic, laminate, wood and marble surfaces.

If there is anything in particular you're looking for please contact us today!