Solar Exhaust Fan Battery Back Up 40W/21V

$227.50 $325.00

Adding AC/DC Adapter or Solar Battery Kit for Day & Night Time Nonstop Running

40W/19.5V monocrystalline solar panel, to charge 16V*9.6Ah lithium storage battery (battery can be charged full in 5.5 hours & discharge 19 hours for the fan), size: 415x500x67mm, include 10m cable to connect it with solar fan, packing: 1 pc/carton/57*48*13cm/0.036cbm/8.5kgs 【only AC/DC Adapter or only Solar Battery can be connected with solar fan】

  • tiltable and angle adjustable
  • 10m cable to connect with the fan
  • To power the fan runs at 0 energy cost during sunny daytime
  • AC/DC Adapter & Battery & Remote Controller: designed lifespan > 10 years, warranty 2 years

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