Polar Up and Down Smart Solar Light BICAUL-01

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Polar Up and Down Smart Solar Light BICAUL-01

Elevate your outdoor lighting game with the Brighticonic Smart Solar Up and Down Light. Designed to blend seamlessly into any outdoor space, this sleek and modern light fixture adds a touch of sophistication while providing practical illumination.

Polar Up and Down Light can be networked with other series of Brighticonic Smart Solar Brand Lights by one-key operation.

Start Your All-round Outdoor Lighting

One of the standout features of this light is its smart solar technology. Harnessing the power of the sun, the Brighticonic Smart Solar Up and Down Light is energy-efficient and energy-friendly. The built-in solar panel charges during the day, storing energy to power the light at night. Say goodbye to complicated wiring and hello to hassle-free installation.

Equipped with an adjustable up and down lighting system, this versatile fixture allows you to create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space. Whether you're highlighting architectural details, accentuating landscaping features, or setting the mood for a cozy evening, the Brighticonic Smart Solar Up and Down Light offers flexibility in lighting design.



Color Temperature (CCT) 3000 K
Materials Die-cast Aluminum; Panlite PC
Color Dark Grey
Solar Power (Voltage / Power) 4.32 V / 1 W
Solar Panel Material Glass Laminated Monocrystalline Silicon
LED Osram 3030 11 pcs, 150 lumens * 2
Battery Power Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity / Voltage / Power 5 AH / 3.7 V / 18.5 WH
Battery Lifespan >2000 cycles
Lighting Time >10 days
Rainy Days Backup >10 days
Default Lighting Mode 100% 5H + 20% till dawn
Lighting Mode App Control
Networking Type Bluetooth Mesh
Control Methods Ray Sensor / App / Button
Charging Temperature 0 ~ 45°C
Working / Discharging Temperature -20 ~ +60°C
FAS Automatic Error Reporting Report Solar Panel Failure in App
Core Technology ALS 2.5 / TCS 3.0
IP Rating IP66
Corrosion Resistance C4H
Impact Rating IK10
Button Switch ON/OFF: Long press 1.5s
Reset: Long press 6s


Product Dimensions / Diagram

Product's Box Size 192 x 144 x 167 mm
Weight 1.15 kg


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