Solar LED Ceiling Light Backup Battery BICSN2021013B

$346.80 $578.00
        Solar LED Ceiling Skylight Accessory
  • 60W/24V monocrystalline solar panel, to charge 19.2V*12.8Ah lithium storage battery (battery can be charged full in 5.5 hours & discharge 11.6 hours for the LED lights)
  • Size: 575x500x67mm, include 12+8=20m cables to connect it with solar LED lights
  • Packing: 1 pc/carton/70*57*13cm/0.052cbm/10kgs
  • 【only AC/DC Adapter or only Solar Battery can be connected with solar LED lights】

    Check your system to see what requirements you need:

Solar Light System Applications
solar panel + LED light
anywhere that needs natural day-lighting
light-on whenever sunlight is available
solar panel + battery + LED light(1 light 1 circuit) normal residential hallway stairs, washroom, etc.
light-on when someone comes, light-off when they've leave
solar panel + LED light + AC/DC adapter(1 light 2 circuits) high frequency use places: somewhere many people comes & leave
always light-on in the day time;
in the night time, light-on when someone comes, light-off when they leave
totally F.O.C. during day time, but consumes some grid electricity during night time


    Certificate Number MH65009 Report Reference MH65009-20210416

    Additional Information: See the UL Online Certifications Directory at for additional information

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