What is the best gift for mom and dad this Christmas? You can buy solar lights for your loved ones this holiday. To learn more about solar sign lights, read more.

Best Gift for Mom and Dad

Nothing screams happy holidays more than bright lights and decorations. Solar lights are the best gift for your mom, dad, siblings, and friends this holiday season. With solar lights, you can showcase your home’s curb appeal to your neighbors and guests 24 hours a day. Here is everything you need to know about BRIGHTICONIC solar lights.

Applications for BRIGHTICONIC Sign Lights

Lights do more than set a celebratory mode. The perfect outdoor lighting product is versatile, with tons of applications. You can buy solar lights for your mom or dad to increase visibility to their outdoor signs, business, house number, and mailbox.

Realtor Signs

As a realtor, you can use solar lights to ensure your listings stand out from the crowd. A well-lit realtor sign can grab the attention of potential buyers walking or driving by your property. It can also increase your legitimacy as a realtor and attract more customers to your business. Installing solar sign lights is an effective way to outdo the competition.


Real Estate Signs

Most people rely on yard signs to find homes for sale. But traditional real estate signs are not visible at night. With solar lights, potential buyers can see your “For Sale” or “Open House” sign at night. It ensures your listing pops out from the dark.


Solar-powered signboard lights are all-in-one units with a solar panel and battery. So, you don’t need to connect your signboard to the grid or external power source. You can install solar lights on signboards at specific locations to direct clients or advertise your business. Personalize your signboard lights to give customers the best first impression of your cafe, bar, barber shop, or clinic.


House Numbering

Guests, taxi drivers, postal workers, and couriers rely on your house number to find you. You can use solar lights to illuminate your door numbers at night. So, your friends won’t spend hours searching for your house. Uniquely designed solar lights also enhance aesthetics and proclaim your personality. If your friend or parent is doing a home makeover, gift them with house-numbering solar lights.

Mailbox Solar Lights

Most people are familiar with solar lights for yard signs and advertising. But did you know there are solar lights for mailboxes? Solar mailbox lights increase visibility at night, reducing the risk of vandalism and accidents. It can help you and postal workers see your mailbox at night. You can buy a solar light unit that fits your mailbox post without blocking the opening.

Fences and Walls

Your perimeter wall is the first line of defense against intruders. You can install solar lighting systems on your fence to boost security. Solar fence lights can enhance visibility, allowing you or your workers to move safely around the facility. Buy a BRIGHTICONIC floodlight to illuminate both sides of your home’s perimeter wall.


One of the best holiday decoration ideas is gutter lights. You can install solar lights on the roofline of your home or commercial building. Gutter lights can enhance curb appeal and increase personal safety by illuminating your yard, pool, deck, outdoor stairs, and walkways.

Commercial Use

Whether you own a restaurant, barber shop, bar, or convenience store, use solar-powered sign lights to attract more customers. You can buy a BRIGHTICONIC theatre spotlight to highlight specific areas or actors on the stage. This solar-powered spotlight can grab the audience's attention and enhance their experience.


Dark areas around your home are prime hiding spots for burglars. Installing a floodlight can improve visibility in your yard and discourage thieves from lurking around your perimeter wall. It can help neighbors and passers-by catch burglars before they break into your house.


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