40W Solar Vent Fan - 12" Brushless Exhaust Fan BICSN2016023/BICSN2020001

$299.00 $422.74

Wth its powerful 40W solar panel, the Solar Vent Fan harnesses the sun's energy to generate a constant flow of fresh air. Feel the gentle breeze as it sweeps through your coop, banishing stuffiness and ensuring your feathery friends stay cool and happy. Worried about extreme temperatures? Fear not! Equipped with a smart controller, to switch automatically between solar panel and AC/DC adapter, making it a breeze to create an ideal environment for your chickens to thrive.

  • 40W solar vent fan: Powerful solar vent fan with 40W capacity for efficient and energy recovery ventilator
  • IP63 Rating: IP63 rated, commercial grade greenhouse fan for superior weather resistance and durability
  • 12" Brushless exhaust fan: High-performance 12-inch brushless exhaust fan for effective air circulation
  • Chicken coop accessories: Ideal for chicken coop ventilation and other outdoor applications
  • Solar kit for shed: Complete solar kit for ventilation in sheds and other small spaces. Covarage area 6000~8400cbft (750sqft - 1050sqft)

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