Solar LED Indoor Ceiling Lights 2 Pack BICSN2021010

$398.99 $589.99

Solar LED skylight with AC/DC Adapter (Hybrid)

Hybrid System that will run on solar as long as there is sunlight. To use this system offgrid mode, you can purchase the - Backup Battery BICSN2021013B

  • Check your system to see what requirements you need:

    Solar Light System Applications
    solar panel + LED light
    anywhere that needs natural day-lighting
    light-on whenever sunlight is available
    solar panel + battery + LED light(1 light 1 circuit) normal residential hallway stairs, washroom, etc.
    light-on when someone comes, light-off when they've leave
    solar panel + LED light + AC/DC adapter(1 light 2 circuits) high frequency use places: somewhere many people comes & leave
    always light-on in the day time;
    in the night time, light-on when someone comes, light-off when they leave
    totally F.O.C. during day time, but consumes some grid electricity during night time


    Introducing the Solar LED ceiling lights, a powerful lighting solution that will transform any indoor space. This skylight features a 50W/24V polycrystalline solar module, allowing it to harness the sun's energy.

    The ceiling lights come with two 11.8" LED round panels,  with a sleek thickness of 0.5". These panels emit a pure white light with a color temperature of 5000~5500K, creating a natural and refreshing ambiance. Each panel is carefully controlled to produce 1158 lumens, ensuring a bright and well-lit environment.

    Installation is a breeze with the included 65ft cable, allowing you to connect the solar module and LED panels effortlessly. Additionally, the skylight comes equipped with a radar-sensing smart controller and wireless connectivity, adding convenience and ease of use to your lighting experience.

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