Solar Barn Light SL30-20


Solar Barn Lights Vintage Gooseneck

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  • A MUST FOR MODERN HOMES: Whether you’re looking to add an elegant vibe to your outdoor décor or simply want to invest in eco-friendly and smart lighting solutions for your home, this solar porch light is the perfect choice for any modern home!
  • BUILT TO LAST: This outdoor pendant barn light is made with premium quality, heavy-duty materials, a combination of weather-resistant cast aluminum lamp housing, polycrystalline silicon solar panel protected by durable and easy-to-clean tempered glass, guaranteed to withstand the test of time!
  • SOLAR CHARGING: These solar shed lights come with an external solar panel and 2 included lithium-ion batteries, requiring no electrical wiring. One full solar charge can provide up to 12 hours of bright light, while the adjustable panel can be mounted up to 8 feet away from the fixture, allowing for enhanced sunlight exposure.
  • AUTO ON OFF: Those evenings when you were constantly having to turn on the porch light are over! This outdoor solar pendant light features an intelligent auto turn-on system with ultra-bright white LED filament, working at full brightness for the first 5 hours, reducing the brightness to 30% for the next 5 hours.
  • VERSATILE AND ELEGANT: Unlike similar products on the market, the solar power lights indoor fixture has a superb matte black finish and adjustable, elegant gooseneck, being the ideal solution for patio, garden, porch, yard paths, and walkways!

    Gifts for Dads Moms

    Dusk to Dawn Solar Light

    Solar-Powered Pendant Light

    We tend to spend more and more time outdoors having a drink, a meal, reading, talking to friends, and making a barbecue. Lighting up your spaces is important, especially if you like spending time outdoors at night.

    You should be able to illuminate any outdoor space and protect yourself, your family, and your property without having to use any electricity or wiring.

    These Brighticonic barn lights are a great solution for your outdoor space lighting needs.

    Shed Storage Lighting

    Bright Light

    Fall Decorations for Home

    Solar lights outdoor waterproof

    Light up your shed, deck, fence, or patio with these energy-efficient waterproof solar shed lights, without having to run electric wiring. These indoor solar barn lights can also be used indoors. One of the most effective ways to increase light inside an outbuilding is to install these bright solar pendant lights

    Sheds and outdoor storage clearance items.

    Solar Barn Lights

    Solar Charging

    Industrial lighting fixtures

    Adequate lighting inside a shed or garage makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Even without electricity, plenty of options are available.

    No more stumbling around inside a shed or garage to find something we left inside months ago. Without lighting, it’s difficult to see exactly what items you are looking for. Our decorative Solar Powered Outdoor Pendant Barn Lights Gooseneck Sconces Wall Mount solves this problem. These lights are also a great addition to your fall décor.

    Outdoor farmhouse light

    Dusk to dawn solar lights

    Solar portable shed lights

    Our Dusk to Dawn solar barn lights is a great option for shipping containers, chicken houses, chicken coops, horse stables, or any off-grid needs.

    If you have a front entrance or gate that needs illumination, these gooseneck sconces are a great option for holiday gifts for men.

    Brighticonic gooseneck outdoor light

    E27 Bulb

    Solar light wall sconce

    Materials: cast-aluminum lamp housing, polycrystalline silicon panel, tempered glass; Solar panel power: 5V/5W; Rechargeable batteries.: li-ion 3.7V 2000mAh x 2pcs; Lamp: 2 x 1W LED 2700K ~3100K with 200 Lumens; Lamp size: 10.23 inches diameter; Auto turn on feature at night, works at full brightness for the first 5h, switches to 30% brightness until sunrise; Adjustable gooseneck; Modern and elegant, fits any décor; Suitable for outdoor solar chandelier, lights, solar led light kit barn, patio, garden, porch, yard, paths, and walkways; Easy and hassle-free installation.

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